The Tree of Life

This idea started materializing in my thoughts one day when I was driving to Conomo Point, in Essex Massachussett and I saw a tree that looked like a deer whose antlers were made of branches and leaves. 

It made me think about the circle of life, how everything is deeply connected to the planet and how the energy and matter change overtime. 

I started later studying the Tree of Life and discovered that there was so much to learn about it. In the Genesis there were two trees, one was the Tree of Knowledge, the one that Elhoim warned Adam and Eva about, and the other one was the Tree of Life whose fruits would have made humans become like Gods.

Different studies came to the conclusion that the Tree of Life was in reality an olive tree because of the branch that the pigeon returned to Noah's ark after the flood and also because of its characteristics and longevity.
That's why I decided that the Antlers/Tree should have been olive branches.

I also discovered that the Tree of Life was the "Stairway to Heaven" in the Sephirot. 
The Sefer Yetzirah is one of the most ancient text - 2nd century BCE - and that's where the Sephirot appears for the first time. It was later discovered that the shape of this diagram corresponds both to human DNA and to black holes in the universe.

This made me think once again of how everything is connected and I decided to incorporate inside of my sculpture. Inside the deer there is the diagram of the Sephirot, with all its spheres. During firing only one internal piece of this sculpure broke, and was the sphere of "understanding". There is no coincidence, once again and there is so much to learn in order to understand this mystery of the Sepirot. 

My conclusions about this journey of creation is