Dancing Humpback Whale

Dancing Whales Collection

I am currently working on a serie of sculptures entitled "Dancing Whales". These serie is a captivating portrayal of humpback whales breaching out of the water.

Dancing Whale #1

"This majestic creatures, with their body gracefully arched and flippers outstretched, exudes the appearance of being engaged in an intricate dance. The artist has skillfully frozen the fleeting moment when the whale breaches the surface, capturing the creature suspended between the realms of water and air."

Dancing Whale #2

Dancing Whale #2

"Dancing Whale" becomes a celebration of the humpback whale's natural grace and the captivating beauty of its movements. By freezing this moment in time, the sculpture invites viewers to appreciate the artistry of nature and the delicate balance between the marine world and the open sky. It serves as a testament to the enchanting dance of a humpback whale, an awe-inspiring spectacle that unfolds beneath the surface of the ocean.