Elisa Vanelli Sculptor
Elisa Vanelli Sculptor

Elisa Vanelli

I was born in Bologna, Italy where I did my studies in foreign languages and literatures. Languages and Art have always been my biggest passions, with art being considered a form of communication itself.

I started painting at the age of 13 after discovering the impressionist movement and falling deeply in love with it. Life brought me, 14 years ago to the crib of the impressionist movement, the south of France, where I lived for 13 years. The colors, the history, the nature, the land touched my heart deeply and inspired my paintings.

Elisa Vanelli, Provencal landscape, painting

The first time I touched clay was during a pottery class with my daughter. I crafted a frog, captivated by the beauty of this newfound medium. Intrigued by the possibilities, I ventured further, sculpting a hummingbird.

In retrospect, I realized that sculpture had quietly inscribed my path. The frog, a symbol of my hometown near Bolognaβ€”Crevalcore, and the hummingbird, a premonition of my future in Massachusetts. In this captivating state, these delicate beings grace the landscape every spring, painting the season with their vibrant presence, much like the chapters of my artistic journey.

Just before my move to the US, I achieved Reiki 2 certification. It was during this transformative period that a profound revelation struck me β€” the calling to become a sculptor.

In the subsequent month, a remarkable occurrence unfolded as animals began to seek me out. Dogs, birds, lizards, and various other species crossed my path, each with its unique tale. Their presence inspired me, and in response, I began sculpting them, giving form to the silent stories and the deep connection forged in those moments.

"Elisa is a sculptor whose passion for animals and the protection of their natural environment is the focus of her work. The detail, care and craftsmanship she uses to create each animal conveys her love and concern for these amazing creatures.
Her goal is to use her artwork to raise awareness of the importance of protecting these wild creatures and preserving their natural habitat, our beautiful planet earth.
We invite you to take in the beauty and energy of her work."

My work has lately shifted to a deeper energetic level.

By infusing active chakras into the structural essence of my pieces and employing informed water to hydrate the clay, combined with the presence of crystals, I orchestrate a symphony of energy. This deliberate fusion elevates the vibrational resonance of each artwork, rendering it an immersive and interactive piece. The confluence of these elements invites viewers to engage with the art on a deeper, more profound level, tapping into the transformative energy inherent in the creation.

This transformative process results in interactive pieces that encapsulate the enchantment of other dimensions. Not only do they resonate with a higher frequency, but they also impart an elevated vibrational quality to the space they inhabit and its inhabitants.



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