Elisa Vanelli sculpture, work phylosophy
Elisa Vanelli sculpture


“Everything in life is vibration” Albert Einstein

In the art of sculpting with clay, I find a perfect representation of the circle of life—
a harmonious engagement of the four elements.

  • Earth becomes the Clay.
  • Water is seamlessly integrated.
  • Wind serves as the air that gently dries the clay.
  • Fire, the transformative force, resides within the Kiln.

Incorporating the universal energy harnessed through Reiki, my creative process is rooted in an understanding of the profound impact our energy, words, and feelings exert. Inspired by Masaru Emoto's revelations about water molecules' responses to emotions and words, I recognize that the water content in clay, ranging from 36 to 72%, retains the energy transmitted during the sculpting process even after firing.

Masaro Emotu, Water cristal
Masaro Emotu, Water cristal


My sculptures, imbued with their unique energy and vibration, develop a soul of their own, resonating with the interconnected energies shaping the artistic journey.