lemurian mermaid


One day Archangel Michael told me to make a mermaid, I didn't know why. I just did it.   Few months after that I was contacted by the Heritage Garden and Museum that saw my mermaid on the New England Sculptor Association website and I was commissioned another one. 

I started having dreams about Lemuria, and in my dreams I would see the mers, the mermaids that lived in that land. They were much bigger than what we were taught and their tail had an algae consistency. 

So I started working on Lemuria and guiance came from above. It took me a full moon cycle to complete the sculpting process. I made crystal infused moon water and started working on her right after the full moon. 

I put grounding symbols on the inside of her tail and decided to insert the 7 main chackras starting from the root one.

I created a circle and drew the chackra symbol on it and when I placed it on its position I activated it with the Reiki Symbol and that's when magic happened; the Angels came to activate them with their angelic energy.

I started feeling their presence a little over a year ago and it is the most beautiful feeling. They came for each and every chackra activation, that's when I new I was creating something magical. 

Her vibration was at that point very high, I woud feel it as a strong presence and it was a plesure working on her because it was rising my own vibration too.

To complete the sculpture I decided to incorporate lemurian crystals as I thouth that their energy would act as a portal when combined with Lemuria's.

My intuition guided me towards the Herkimer Diamons for her third eye, I later discovered that it is an amplifier for the third eye energy.