lemurian mermaid


Driven by a divine message, I began the creative journey of crafting Marinella, a mermaid, without fully comprehending the purpose behind it. Several months later, the Heritage Garden and Museum, having come across my work on the New England Sculptor Association website, which featured Marinella, reached out to commission another mermaid, Lemuria.

As dreams of Mu, the land of Lemurians filled my nights, visions of majestic mermaids with algae-like tails emerged. Driven by celestial guidance, I began crafting Lemuria, a process unfolding over a full moon cycle. Utilizing crystal-infused moon water, I initiated the sculpting process post-full moon.

Grounding symbols adorned the inside of her tail, and I strategically embedded the 7 main chakras, activating each with Reiki symbols. The pivotal moment arrived when, guided by the angels, I felt their ethereal presence during the chakra activationsβ€”a profound and magical experience.

Feeling the heightened vibration of Lemuria and establishing a tangible connection with the angelic realm, the sculpting journey evolved into a joyous elevation of my own energy. In a bid to amplify the artwork, I introduced Lemurian crystals, believing in their capacity to create a portal in harmony with Lemuria's essence.

Intuition led me to Herkimer Diamonds for her third eye, discovering later that it served as a powerful amplifier for this energy center. The culmination of these elements in Lemuria symbolizes not only artistic creation but also a spiritual journey, where divine guidance intertwines with earthly manifestation.