Lemuria by Elisa Vanelli
Lemuria by Elisa Vanelli

Heritage Museum and Garden

Otherworldly Exhibition features Lemuria and The Tree of Life that are now visible at the Heritage Gardens and Museums throughout the whole summer and fall season.

Otherworldly: An Outdoor Exhibit

What is more human than to dream? For as long as we’ve existed, humans have told stories of the fantastical, the mythical, and the unreal. We fantasize, imagine realms different from our own, and create stories that we wish were true. Art has always been a portal to delve deep into our imaginations—whether that be through words or paint or stone. The artworks in this exhibition are inspired by characters from well-known fantasies, myths, and stories, with each one calling up a local New England connection as well. Explore them! Dream with them! And then, imagine your own.

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