Marinella artwork by Elisa Vanelli
Marinella by Elisa Vanelli

Lex Art

August 5 through September 3, 2023

I Am thrilled that my sculpture Marinella has been chosen to be part of such and amazing show. This show is all about the SOUL of sculptures;

Soulful defined:

  • full of or expressing feeling or emotion
  • a presence that is timeless, reliably calm and detached from the daily drama that pulls us in many directions
  • a character of inherent beauty and serenity

How do you express what feels soulful and right for you? How does your work tune into your own inner compass? Show us in sculpture at the LexArt Gallery in August.

Lexington Arts and Crafts Society Gallery

130 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA
Opening Reception – August 6, 2023 – 2 – 5pm

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